Annoying black bird that turn there head and bawk at you makeing it hard to sleep in the morning. The only way to rid these pesky bastards is to shoot them.
by D. Hunter January 19, 2005
abreviation for crow farve.
Oh my gosh rudy! Your shirt is so crow.
by LuDwIn-Da RaWeSt NeGr0 July 10, 2008
to caw, like Peter Pan
Have to fly, have to fight, have to CROW!
by shabooty February 16, 2004
Satan in disguise. Never trust these things. They will squack for backup or just plain caw at you until you go crazy. They can often be seen duking it out with bombers (seagulls).
I was walkin down the street and the crow was on a power line. I yelled "you'd better shut up!"
by Rob April 11, 2005
A sexually promiscuous woman. Also called a slut.
Who hasn't broken in that crow that lives across the street? Oh, that's your mom? Sorry.
by D. Arse February 06, 2005
A crow is a person who is in love, or one who has lost a loved one.
That crow will never get over her man.
by Emily December 24, 2003
girls can be called birds black girls / black birds = crows
I aint sweaty dem crows
by Tailani July 24, 2003

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