the name given to a fugly girlfriend of a waaayy hot guy, usually a guy you like and think deserves someone way better than the crow, like you! crows are generally really ugly and fat and have retarded noses, oh what fucktards! crows generally accquire boyfrends by stealing, so they are man stealing whores and sometimes have dyed sections of hair, red being the worst colour of all. CROWS MUST DIE
girl1: ewww i cant belev hes goin out with her!
girl2: yeah shes a total crow
girl1: yeah she doesn deserv to witness that fitness, whore
girl2: queen crow!!!!!!!
by crowhater June 25, 2009
1. An old woman past her mid 30ths; 2. an older woman that gossips or hates on other women
Guy 1 - I wish they had some younger women here

Guy 2 - Yeah, they have nothing but Crows

Girl 1 - That chick over there talking smack

Girl 2 - She just made cause shes an old Crow
by Tallil Honey March 03, 2008
evil black birds of death who can, and will, peck your eyes out at every oportunity.
im pretty sure that crow just glared at you. sleep with one eye open.
by totally not a crow January 27, 2011
a brilliant insult you can hurl at a person you dislike
bore off you crow
by 1337club October 18, 2010
Racist term for an African American, because the crow fucks property up, steals shit, and never shuts the FUCK UP! and plus, crows are black

other words: nigger, spook, and... black guy
that fuckin crow stole my TV!
by RAcist shit May 20, 2010
In the not too distant future, Next Sunday A.D. there was a guy named Joel, not too different from you or me. He worked at Gizmonic Institute,
Just another face in red jump suit.
He did a good job cleaning up the place, but his bosses didn't like him & they shot him into space.
They sent him cheesy movies, the worst they could find...(la! la! la!) They said he'd have to sit & watch them all, while they monitored his mind.(la! la! la!)

CROW was, and perhaps still is a custom designed satire-bot created by a desperate man trapped in a space ship. AKA the Sardonic one.

Crow, along with Tom Servo and Gypsy was also one of the reasons Joel and Mike were forced to jump and run whenever they got movie sign. The reason Joel couldn't control when the movies began or ended, is because he used those special parts to build his robot friends.

See Crow T. Robot and mst3k
Mitchell!! "..You're really stupid if you get hit by a car AFTER the Apocalypse."
by Lord Armand Banana July 10, 2005
term for an attracvtive female between 16 and 25.
Hey, check her out. Crow?

yeah, definetly Crow
by Crash X October 25, 2007
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