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To talk about or go on about something.
"Will you stop bloody crowing on and on about that t-shirt"

"You could crow on about that party all night could you?"

by Liam November 15, 2007
An acronym for cunt rag on wheels. A term used to identify a bitchy or difficult woman, particularly an older, very obnoxious female.
The woman on table 15 that sent her burger back to the kitchen is such a C.R.O.W. I can't even stand it. She has been squalkin' at me all night.
by Danny Gusto December 06, 2011
Toke from the bong with tobacco underneath the weed.
yo man lets go rip a fat crow
by croster October 03, 2010
A person (male or female) who is really thirsty/desperate and tries too hard to get laid.
There are a bunch a crows at the club tonight, everytime a new girl walks in all same guys try and hit on them
by bmorris June 16, 2014
A military term for a recruit undergoing basic military training.
Stay away from the bar tonight as the crow are allowed in.
by blackninja980 September 21, 2007
common slang word for a crusty hoe. Often uses by males from the ages of 16-21 to describe a hoe who is crusty.
"woah! that girl is crusty af and looks like a hoe"
" i know! she is such a crow"
by Thomas'LetsGetIt' December 14, 2013
Lingo that originated in Santa Cruz, CA.
A crow is someone who decided to make a silly decision or say something that makes no sense. Crow can replace lingo such as: idiot, retard, freak, baby, and dude. Crow can also be used as a prefix for the word 'control', like this: crowtrol.
David pooped off the wharf. What a crow.

Danny says Shaun White's perfect 100 was biased. Danny's such a crow.

When I'm peaking on energy drinks, I need to learn to crowtrol myself.
by David Goose April 03, 2012