The act of farting and walking quickly around the room to spread the scent. Some people do this to deflect the blame of the fart, while others just want to share.
Who let off that stench? I think Calvin did it. Look at him circling the room. He's crop dusting it.
by imalith September 28, 2014
Farting in public leaving a trail of methane gas and evil for the poor souls behind you
"ahhh the guy in front of us is crop dusting!"
by ahh123 April 11, 2013
The act of farting while walking through a group of people, or somewhere where people congregate.
John was crop dusting everybody yesterday while we were watching the game, it was foul!
by Owen David November 29, 2011
when sitting or standing next to friends you fart and walk away as if nothing happened and wait for their reactions
your friend just walk away and u smell something rank
dude, theirs no need for crop dusting
by corey Hines May 17, 2008
A fart walk around the office?
I didn't want to smell my own ass, so I went crop dusting around the office. They blamed it on somebody else... I rule!!!
by the sneaky shitter April 20, 2004
The act of expelling intestinal gases through the anus whilst walking or running in a public place.
Ross was crop dusting the dance club last night.
by Choopie-poo March 01, 2004
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