A term of art among flight attendants: farting while walking casually up and the aisle of an in-flight airplane pretending to be checking on passengers.
Jane: Wow! That burrito that I had just before we left really is wreaking havoc with my stomach.

Sally: No problem. Just take a few minutes and do some crop dusting. I'll cover for you.
by Seenyore April 17, 2010
To covertly release intestinal gas while walking. Coined in 1985 on a Northwest Airlines flight from Boston to Frankfurt by Sol Squire, on-board translator, who had just walked the length of the DC-10 aircraft and noted he had "crop dusted" the passenger load.
Her date was crop dusting the theater as he followed her to their seats.
by Good Knight April 03, 2010
The art of leaving a long silent but deadly fart while walking through a crowded room or bar covering the whole area.
Being able to evenly distribute a fart like crop dusting when moving from one place to another.
by minusalinus November 16, 2009
Farting while walking.
I was crop dusting all those tourists walking in my wake.
by biggchangwang July 01, 2014
Farting in public leaving a trail of methane gas and evil for the poor souls behind you
"ahhh the guy in front of us is crop dusting!"
by ahh123 April 11, 2013
When one walks up and down the aisles of a store while farting periodically.
Bryan knew he had to conceal his bean burrito gas, so he did some Crop Dusting in the Stop & Shop.
by Che Grenada April 26, 2011
The act of busting ass undetected as you walk thru a room, leaving the fog for others to walk into and try to assign blame.
Man, I've gotta blow one. Watch those girls faces when I'm done crop dusting the living room.
by Legendary1 October 19, 2009

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