farting, then dragging the smell around with you. or farting in the process of walking
wes decided to cropdust the entire back half of the apartment, so he walked from the laundry room through the living room into the bedroom, all the while farting and pulling the smell with him.
by questionsleep February 09, 2004
The act of farting in a pubiic place and then walking through the crowd.
While walking back to my seat in the theater, I cut a fart crop dusting everyone along the way.
by Champo4 January 15, 2012
The act of busting ass undetected as you walk thru a room, leaving the fog for others to walk into and try to assign blame.
Man, I've gotta blow one. Watch those girls faces when I'm done crop dusting the living room.
by Legendary1 October 19, 2009
Sprinkling weed for any purpose, usually when rolling joints.
Dude, I can't talk right now, I'm crop dusting this joint.
by the420farmer April 09, 2009
To walk into an enclosed area with a crowd of people and let out a juicy fart, then quickly exit before the smell registers, thereby leaving yourself blameless for the said fart.
I wish I could have seen the look on the clerks face when I left that nice crop dusting behind.
by 3pharmacychicks March 24, 2010
walking around a wide area spreading your essence.
when in public or private, releasing gas and thinking you leaving the spot denies claim to the smell, when in fact you are "crop dusting" your smell across the whole room.
by miami vice May 28, 2009
the act of throwing cornstarch onto your genitals to cool them down after spending hours performing an aggressive act of work, exercise or standing.
Hey! Don't use the cornstarch in the bathroom for the soup as I need it for Crop Dusting.

Oh my god! Did you notice the ball flavor in that sauce? I bet that box of cornstarch was used for Crop Dusting!

Excuse me but I cannot walk, hike, bike any further until I do some Crop Dusting.
by CookingOneUp April 15, 2011
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