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A term used by servers in a restaurant. When you have a table of assholes, you ask a co-worker if they can "crop dust " the table. As they pass by the table, and trail a nasty fart around said table. this keeps you blameless.
Dude, Will someone please crop dust table 15, the've been giving me shit all night.
by jimrim June 04, 2007
to calm down ones self. To act less feisty. Usually this person is under the influence of drugs and or booze.
Defeistifise yourself, you're fucking up my buzz.
by jimrim June 04, 2007
When a bartenders night goes to hell. All of a sudden all his patrons are mexican and australian. ( NO TIPS ) They all want to know what the CHEAPEST drink is.
The night started out great, then it went compleatly MEXSTRALIAN
by jimrim June 04, 2007
a pipe load of weed with chunks of hash mixed in
I've got some "cheese" you've got some green, let's make a salad bowl
by jimrim June 04, 2007

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