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passing gas while walking, sometimes in hopes of not being present when the smell is realized, sometimes as a means of torturing a number of people at once.
Jim cropdusted the cubefarm at his office and nearly killed 20
by Nerraux March 04, 2005
25 19
Surreptitiously farting while passing thru a CUBE FARM,
then enjoying the sounds of dismay and disgust; leading to PRAIRIE DOGGING while people try to figure out the source of the wafting stench.
Bob liked all the prairie dogging his crop dusting produced.
by Buzz M. February 25, 2005
62 57
When you are at a party or a club and you need to fart so you move really quickly somewhere else and fart while you are moving, laying your odor everywhere but where you were.

Usually is really funny.
1 Hey man, I gotta fart, really badly.
2 Don't do it here, go crop dusting.
1 O shit, thats right.
by poqwer September 13, 2007
7 3
the art of flight attendants farting as they go down the isle with the bar cart
"sherry was crop dusting the whole coach cabin"
by joe mcduffie December 12, 2006
11 7
The act of holding in flatulence until you are on the move, possibly near people that you do not favor.
Senior: "I'm going to do some crop dusting in freshman hall"
Freshman 1 "Dude, did you fart?"
Freshman 2: "That senior was crop dusting"
by Charl3magn3 June 17, 2010
13 10
When a man makes a woman lay on her stomach, letting her think she is getting the rod from behind. While she isn't looking the man sticks out his tongue and, like a crop dusting airplane, hovers over the girls ass until deciding to dip low and lick the girls butt hole. This may be a continual vigorous motion or the man may choose to fly by making many periodic passes. This method of Crop Dusting is not to be confused with the fart procedure of crop dusting.
Jamario made jo-nelle lay on her stomach while he moved his head around her ass licking the butt hole periodically. Thus he went sexually crop dusting with jo-nelle.
by Snatchman April 12, 2009
37 34
A fart walk around the office?
I didn't want to smell my own ass, so I went crop dusting around the office. They blamed it on somebody else... I rule!!!
by the sneaky shitter April 20, 2004
24 21