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Jaylon- A tall, adorable yet handsome, good looking, charming, Sophisticated male with a huge dick ,and brown eyes. A guy that knows exactly what you want.Someone who puts a smile on your face. Do anything for. He's also is a great kisser
must have been a "Jaylon
by kelsey143454 April 23, 2011
A strong, amazing, young man with an enormous sexual appetite. enormous penis. amazing lover and simply irresistable to all women and loving and caring yet still very masculine. overall a one of a kind guy that is irresistible and a true prize for any woman
His penis is way to large....he must be a jaylon
by thefinestofall April 14, 2011
the act of cock teasing
she is being a jaylon
by rowden June 25, 2007
A tall, slim, caring guy with a love for sex and a deep voice. Known to be secretly interested in gay sex.
My friend asked me if he could suck my penis. He must be a Jaylon.
by Mr. Yhu October 16, 2011

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