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Farting while walking.
I was crop dusting all those tourists walking in my wake.
by biggchangwang July 01, 2014
Farting in public leaving a trail of methane gas and evil for the poor souls behind you
"ahhh the guy in front of us is crop dusting!"
by ahh123 April 11, 2013
When one walks up and down the aisles of a store while farting periodically.
Bryan knew he had to conceal his bean burrito gas, so he did some Crop Dusting in the Stop & Shop.
by Che Grenada April 26, 2011
When you walk by someone or a group and let one go, such as in an elevator, so that no one knows for sure who did it. But all can smell it!
When your on an airplane walking to the front lavatory and you let one go... your crop dusting!
by Fitchick June 02, 2009
when sitting or standing next to friends you fart and walk away as if nothing happened and wait for their reactions
your friend just walk away and u smell something rank
dude, theirs no need for crop dusting
by corey Hines May 17, 2008
The act of expelling intestinal gases through the anus whilst walking or running in a public place.
Ross was crop dusting the dance club last night.
by Choopie-poo March 01, 2004
The act of farting in a pubiic place and then walking through the crowd.
While walking back to my seat in the theater, I cut a fart crop dusting everyone along the way.
by Champo4 January 15, 2012