the act of farting WHILE walking; leaving a trail behind yourself
I can't stop walking to fart today so I'll just have to cropdust
by Tim S. December 09, 2004
When someone cuts a fart as they walk by others at their work place and then exits the scene leaving the people behind to fight about who did it.
Kevin enters room. (Kevin farts quietly while walking by, leaving immediately) Harold-"I think Kevin just dusted us dude" Jeremy-"Yeah, now he is probably going to Uncle Ted it in the bathroom for a while." Jason-"Why is he always CROP DUSTING anyway?" Brenda-"He eats a lot of cabbage at Addel's hot tub parties the other day he even dropped a tub trout." Kevin-"I think I just made a crop CIRCLE in my pants"
by J to tha ermsie October 14, 2005
The act of farting while walking past others, leaving them to gag in the wake of your shit-smelling foulness. Can also be referred to as the airdrop.
Ron: "So there I was just typing away at my desk, then I smelled it....that wretched odor that could only be caused by someone cropdusting."

Jim: "Oh man I've smelled that before! I think it's that new foreign girl Yun Li. She pulled an airdrop over at my desk the other day, and I threw up in my mouth a little."

Ron: "That dirty beeyotch!"
by Potato Sack March 14, 2008
The act of breaking wind as you walk past a group of people or through a room, thereby leaving a trail of gas behind you.
"You smell that?" "Yeah, I think Luke was crop dusting when he came through here a minute ago."
by JLittle January 27, 2007
Crop dusting is when you walk around while farting, sharing the flavor with everyone and reducing the chance that you will be blamed for it.
From the smile on his face and the smell he left behind, we realized that Chris walked through the kitchen just to do some crop dusting.
by Steakback Outhouse September 10, 2006
passing gas while walking, sometimes in hopes of not being present when the smell is realized, sometimes as a means of torturing a number of people at once.
Jim cropdusted the cubefarm at his office and nearly killed 20
by Nerraux March 04, 2005
When you are at a party or a club and you need to fart so you move really quickly somewhere else and fart while you are moving, laying your odor everywhere but where you were.

Usually is really funny.
1 Hey man, I gotta fart, really badly.
2 Don't do it here, go crop dusting.
1 O shit, thats right.
by poqwer September 13, 2007

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