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(n) 21st century Internet philosopher; staff member at Nothing-Sacred.net; frequent poster at ThaMike.com

(adj) Describing one who emulates Nerraux or subscribes to his teachings
-They say that cat Nerraux is one baaaaad muths-
-Shut yo' mouth!
-But I'm talkin' 'bout Nerraux.
-I can dig it
by Nerraux August 07, 2003
passing gas while walking, sometimes in hopes of not being present when the smell is realized, sometimes as a means of torturing a number of people at once.
Jim cropdusted the cubefarm at his office and nearly killed 20
by Nerraux March 04, 2005
1) n. - Outspoken author of many posts on ThaMike.com.

2) v. - To rant violently and/or spell poorly. Often used if someone has something to spell and gives it some effort, but knows they have spelled wrong despite their best efforts.
"Man, I sure pulled a zuecreu"

"I'm not sure how that should be spelled, but I 'creued it anyway."
by Nerraux November 26, 2003

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