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The illest little town on the map; Castle Rock, Colorado. A little ways south of the one and only D-Town, Denver.
I'm stoked to get back to C-Rock and chill with the crew.
by Sean Marrs December 22, 2006
A crock is a container.

A container can often hold thigns in it.
Cool, huh ?
by larstait October 28, 2003
verb; cook something in a crock pot
You can crock it while you're at work.
by lyndzphila March 20, 2011
An abbreviated form of the genre "classic rock" c rock includes all the greats of the late 60's and the 70's.
dude, turn off the rap. I need to listen to some c rock right now.
by jhill1530 October 07, 2011
The combination of country and rock music.
Crock bands include: Rascal Flatts, Kid Rock ect...
by sam-does-not-expose-himself July 17, 2012
An adjective referring to something that is very good, "mint" or otherwise positive. Most commonly used among young hipsters of today's youth.
Person 1: "I miss snap bracelets!"
Person 2: "Those were crock beyond belief."
by Crockin'Pot August 20, 2010
is short for crocodile
Steve: "That crock nearly bit me!"
by Erki Ruulib September 18, 2007