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Oops There It Is - The act of jamming your cock in a girl's ass and acting like it was an accident or a mistake.
Doc: "Hey Bob, I was in bed with Nikki and committed an OTIS last night. She was pissed!"
by Skinwhip March 18, 2005
The act of dropping your pants and showing another guy your dong and then calling him a meatgazer if he's a big enough dumbshit to look.
Aaron: We need some rocks
Doc (dropping pants): are these rocks big enough?
(Aaron turns and looks at Doc's cock)
Doc: Ha Ha you MeatGazer!!!
by Skinwhip March 17, 2005
Combination of Grabbing and Cunt.

Reaching down and crudely grasping or clenching a girl's vagina with your hand.
Aaron deftly grunted Autumn's throbbing vagina as she walked out of the bathroom, her tampon wrapper balled up and ready for the trash.
by Skinwhip March 18, 2005
Acronym - COCK made of ROCK - Cock+Rock
A rock Hard cock
I slammed my crock into her cavity last night
by Skinwhip March 17, 2005

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