Slang for a penis; crotch + cock
Anyone would feel insignificant if they compared their crock to the empire state building...except for me.
by MrAmazingful July 15, 2011
the definition of the area between one's legs, a mixture of "crotch" and "crack", which often produces mass droolage.
holy shit, her crock makes my drool form an ocean
by countcrockula May 27, 2010
1. to hit somone in the head

2. =crock of shit
That is nothing but a crock. I do not believe a word of it.
by Light Joker October 10, 2004
The combination of a crow and a male reproductive organ
After unzipping his trousers, Louise immediately regretted enquiring as to what John had meant when he said, "We can check out my crockery if you like?".
by Quinny1989 February 12, 2008
a crooked penis
Dan Batcha told us he had a crooked penis so we called him a dirty crock
by m j f February 15, 2004
Portmanteau of 'commercial' and 'rock'. A band, and/or style of music, that has a few tracks off an album played ad naseum on a commercial Top 40 station, and most other tracks played on a real music station (one that plays good music).
A: Do you like Jet?
B: Nah, they seem to crock.
by cubey4000_the next generation November 19, 2006
faggot who likes it up the ass
"comon i know you want the crocks"
by stp xc October 31, 2003

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