The area between your crotch and your crack. Also referred to as taint
My crock hurts after riding my bike for 4 hours.
by reddogs25 August 29, 2008
a loser idiot
larry is a crock
by Anonymous April 09, 2003
team homo
by stp xc October 31, 2003
the act of smoking a spliff
last night i was with dave and we crocked a fatty
by juelz October 25, 2005
Spelled "CROQUE"; Word of French origin, meaning "bite of"
What a Croque(bite)of shit!
by Zacrobtho May 09, 2005
Acronym - COCK made of ROCK - Cock+Rock
A rock Hard cock
I slammed my crock into her cavity last night
by Skinwhip March 17, 2005
Feared by men,
Adored by all women.
Crock was ere
by Crock April 02, 2004

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