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The Darker You Are The Crispier!
"Look at that boy!"
"He's really crispy!!!"
by lil d wayne December 11, 2011
leftovers; something unwanted; rejected; crumbs.

Crispie-a person who is leftout or unwanted.; forgotten.
Can I have thoses pretzel crispies?
Look at all those awkward girls... such crispies.
We're the crispies of the team!
by becky t April 09, 2011
Chunks of dried, white, gunk usually found in the corner peoples' eyesockets after sleeping.
Eugene is nice, but his crispies are straight out of control.
by Greg B. November 02, 2006
To feel crispy is to feel that feeling when you know you have fucked up or otherwise embarassed yourself. It is not embarassment because it does not have to be something that others would find embarassing. Crispiness is someting only you can feel. You cannot say that someone who has fucked up is feeling crispy unless he tells you that he feels crispy. This definition may only be relevant in Douglasville. Also has nothing to do with dubstep remixes. That would be Chrispy.
*Drops a plate of food.*
"Ahh, I'm feeling a little crispy."

*Makes a 45 on a test.*
"Ahh, I'm feeling pretty crispy."
by ImpellerWedge October 30, 2011
Nice, clean, fresh. Anything relating to something good.
*A scores a goal in soccer*
B: "Crispy shot, breh!"
by Sw0ge June 06, 2014
(when referring to an object): to be awesome, cool, fresh, swag, on point.

(when talking about a person): to be high.
"That new shirt you bought is crispy; i like it."
"I just seshed, and now i'm crispy"
by Dweng March 09, 2014
A sexy lady, with great assets
That girl is crispy
by schnipplecreator October 04, 2012