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a phoomy is a wide stick of rubber witch is a deodorant substitute
i use my phoomy today
by theman102 November 14, 2011
a person that is really stupid and/or wierd
he is such a dick-wad
by theman102 November 20, 2011
2 ask for something
im requesting a phoomy
by theman102 January 02, 2012
J.E.R.K stands for Jr. educated rich kid
non-J.E.R.K: i wish i was a J.E.R.K
by theman102 May 27, 2012
a sword that's half sword half axe originally used by the ancient Egyptian's
in ddo a lot of people use the khopesh same as well as the ancient Egyptian's
by theman102 January 21, 2012
an awesome song by by disturbed
by theman102 July 05, 2012
criminal is an awesome song by disturbed and is among the greatest songs of their time
guy 1: hay hay dude did you hear that song by disturbed

guy 2: ya Criminal?

guy 1: ya that one

guy 2: of coarse who hasn't?
by theman102 February 11, 2012

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