Apparently the easiest way for a hooker to advertise her services according to local news reports regarding prostitution
A woman was charged with prostitution after police investigators answered her advertisment on the popular website Craigslist.
by teabag September 12, 2007
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A terrific community website that started in San Francisco California and is run by a programmer named Craig Newmark. On Craigslist you can find a place to live, sell your car, find a job, rant & rave, find love, or just get laid. Craig has since set up sites for several major cities across the USA and a few major cities around the world.
She arrived in San Francisco, found an apartment on Craigslist, sold her car on Craigslist, found Mr. Right Now a few times on Casual Enconters, and then found love, all on Craigslist.
by I'm Not Craig February 07, 2004
A site where "project car" actually means the vehicle is completely totaled.
This awesome project car I found on Craigslist has a blown head gaskets and extensive front end damage!
by trayy September 09, 2007
The post popular classified ads website in the USA, and it's service has now extended to other major cities around the world.
craigslist has helped me find my job, my apartment, as well as fuck buddies.
by wwwgownsshopcom November 24, 2007
One of the few good deals on the web. Too bad assholes are taking it over.
This clown does nothing but rant about other peoples postings on Craigslist, but he is never flagged off. DO people think personal abuse is an ad?
by yorkie stomper July 10, 2008

to use the website to post another person's address and photos in the personals section in order to trap the target into surprise anonymous sex, esp. used as a form of revenge.

abbreviated cl
Friend (girl): "Oh god, (bidet) cheated on me. I can't believe I trusted him! I can't believe how badly I'm shaking! I'm crying so... so hard. I feel like dying. I'm going to kill myself!"
Me (boy): "No, wait!"
Friend: "Why?"
Me: "Hold on. OK. I just craigslisted him since I still have his address."

Alex Jones: "Man, someone craigslisted me and I had to fight off these old fat white men who wanted to be my daddy and tried to force me to be their butt slave. Must be the Illuminati!"
by señor cunty February 21, 2010
An adjective describing a woman of loose moral character; often accompanied by sub-standard looks.
Did you see that girl on the corner over there? That girl was nasty; she was craigslist.
by Grocerspride May 14, 2009
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