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Formerly, a decent website for local classified ads and expression of opinions. Currently dysfunctional in many cities due to craigslist enabling indiscriminate flaggers to remove all ads in some categories.

Craigslist has no help available to users, instead relying on help forums manned primarily by anti-helpful trolls. Users are not treated as customers by craislist, but rather as products. Clicks sell ads in the paid categories, and absolve any previous notions about providing a service for the people.
Ho: Why craigslist be takin my money fo ads, n lettin people flag them off, then wantin to charge me agin to relist?


Rant and Raver: <This posting has been flagged for removal>

by TY1234 June 01, 2010
47 7
When you place a Sex Ad on Craig's List because you are not getting any.
My husband wasn't giving up the goods, so I threatened him I was going to go Craig's List on his ass if he didn't put out!
by TCJG2 July 10, 2008
31 7
A revolutionary online classifieds site that allows people who wish to buy or sell goods and services online to be raped or murdered by total strangers.
Nobody, absolutely nobody, thought my idea for changing the way unsuspecting victims were entrapped into life-threatening encounters with sociopaths had a chance. Nobody except me, that is. ~ Craig Newmark (founder of Craigslist)
by NotCraig090y February 17, 2011
30 11
1). adjective: shady, untrustworthy, possibly sexually deviant

2). verb: To bait, tempt or tease a skilled professional with false promises of financial compensation
1). "Say, that kid is totally Craigslist." "What do you mean by that?" "Creepy and in need of a nude model"

2). "I need a new website design." "Are you going to hire a graphic designer?" "No. I will probably just Craigslist my friend. He's unemployed."
by 77jim March 23, 2011
28 10
A black market version of Ebay.
I couldn't find what I wanted on Ebay, so I went to the black market... Craigslist!
by Blake Chastain October 03, 2010
15 9
Just another place to get blowjobs.
I was feeling randy so i went to craigslist to get a blowjob.
by rlvers December 17, 2011
8 3
A mental, or physical list of the girls at a party, from hottest to ugliest. The practitioner of the craigslist will then attempt to hook up with the hottest girl, if unsuccessful, move to the girl second in line, and so on. The craiglist is only complete when a successful hookup is made.
Joel: "I'm in need of a wheel tonight, I better pull a craigslist"

Craig: "good call, i did that last night"
by D-cucci July 10, 2008
45 75