A superior thinker than a majority of the community. An individual who posseses the intellect to have other beliefs than social programming teaches us. Most deviants make a positive footprint on society, rather than the misconceived negative version. Deviants are simply individuals who differ in many aspects to the larger flock of society.
A deviant could include homosexuals and inventors etc.
by Realn March 01, 2006
someone who ideas both sexually and socially are greatly different from the 'moral' majority and they act upon their desires to satisfy only theirselves
2. more twisted than a standard pervert
James will embarrass you if you take him to the farm with his deviant behavior.
by but its not porn February 01, 2004
To stray from a standared, a principle, and to leave from an established course.
deviating especially from an accepted standard. 'Deviant' behavior.
by The Once and Future King August 27, 2003
An individual whos behaviour and attitudes stray from normal or accepted standards in society.
I'm about as deviant as a paperclip!
by dolan_ March 03, 2016
Somebody with a particularly disturbing sexual preference or straying abnormally far from the norm.
James is a deviant that likes to use tentacles and other odd devices when thinking about sex. When he has sex, you will know from the screams of horror and disgust. This extreme deviance is severely harmful to the mental health of all effected.
by James teedeediddlyheee December 05, 2005
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