A website that makes people inherently dumber. Used as a way to post advertisements for the selling of items and services, it is now overrun with the stupid. Any description of an item is completely ignored, and subsequent idiotic questioning follows. In the off-chance that someone actually gets to the point of making an offer on an item, any listed price is ignored and a low-ball offer is made. A trade may also be offered, whether or not this has been mentioned as an alternative to cash payment. The idiocy is not entirely limited to the seller, as there are many occasions where a seller is contacted and then has no idea what they are selling.
Buyer: "Yo you got that gixxer for sale on Craigslist Bro?"
Seller: "It's not a Suzuki GSX-R, it's a Honda CBR1000. Yes I'm still selling it for $5,500."
Buyer: "Alright yo, so you'll take $2000 then?"
Seller: "No."
Buyer: "What about a set of Bridgestone tires?"
Seller: "No."

Example 2

Buyer: "Hi I'm calling about the motorcycle you have listed on Craigslist. Is it still for sale?"
Seller: "What motorcycle?"
Buyer: "You have a 2007 Suzuki listed for $4800 on Craigslist. Is it still for sale or is it sold?"
Seller: "......."
Buyer: "So you didn't list a 2007 Suzuki for $4800?"
Seller: "Oh yeah yeah yeah my bad bro. Nah it's sold."
by Benrama34 March 22, 2014
A mental, or physical list of the girls at a party, from hottest to ugliest. The practitioner of the craigslist will then attempt to hook up with the hottest girl, if unsuccessful, move to the girl second in line, and so on. The craiglist is only complete when a successful hookup is made.
Joel: "I'm in need of a wheel tonight, I better pull a craigslist"

Craig: "good call, i did that last night"
by D-cucci July 10, 2008
A forum to arrange for sexual encounters, usually men involving men.
I got laid from a bi SWM by posting a pic of me on craigslist.
by mjl317 October 26, 2006

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