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when your personal information is divulged on craigslist (such as phone number, e-email, location, name, age..etc) under the casual encounters section by a male or female that is getting revenge on you for not hooking up with them
Fweddie: "So this guy totally gave out my phone number on craigslist because I wouldn't f**k his sorry ass last night!"

Neham: "OMG, you were TOTALLY craigslisted!"
by Fweddie November 07, 2008
5 1
When you are in a argument with someone, or mad at someone, or even want to play a prank on someone you list there phone number in the free section as something expensive so lots of people call there phone.
matt,"bitch your a pussy" ME "i hope you enjoy those calls cause you have been craigslisted"
by Scott aka WayTooGodly February 22, 2009
7 6
When the person whom you've recently broken up with starts hooking up with, banging, or otherwise engaging in trifflin acts in a desperate attempt to regain their self esteem. Usually the "ex" will do this with partners that are significantly sub par when compared to yourself. -what happens to the things that you don't need anymore and have long outlived their use to you? They end up on craigslist for someone else to use.
Steve: "Hey man, I broke up with Stephanie a week ago and she's already bangin Mike".

Friend: "Damn man, he is a douche, I can't believe she's been craigslisted already!?"
by Mustacheman October 06, 2013
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