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The post popular classified ads website in the USA, and it's service has now extended to other major cities around the world.
craigslist has helped me find my job, my apartment, as well as fuck buddies.
by wwwgownsshopcom November 24, 2007
A garment usually long in length and worn by women for occasions such as parties as a formal wear made of fabrics such as satin and organza.
I purchased a beautiful gown to wear to my friend's wedding reception.
by wwwgownsshopcom October 23, 2007
An online auction house known worldwide where it is almost impossible to advertise your own website under your ebay account because ebay is so cheap it doesn't want to give away fuck for free. Also nowadays if you sell under a certain quota they fucking close your account because they think you can't help them earn enough.
Fuck ebay! What you gonna do when I don't need to sell my shitz with you biach!
by wwwgownsshopcom November 24, 2007
A holy matrimony in which usually a man and a woman decides to live together forever, notwithstanding prenups and other crap and without a wedding gown which there would be no such ceremony.
I bought my perfect wedding gown at www.gownsshop.com at 50% off regular price, boy did I save a shit load!
by wwwgownsshopcom November 24, 2007
One of the thousands of search engines available in the United States but is nowhere near as cool as google or yahoo because it does not offer an add URL service for free, cheap asses.
Who the hell would use ask if they could just use google and rake in the dough for their business advertising on the best search engine anywhere?
by wwwgownsshopcom November 24, 2007
One of the many pioneering websites such as yahoo and youtube in terms of how it connected people all over the world to share information of all sorts with one another. Myspace in particular is a website in which people connect to make friends and socialize. It can be easily accessed and used during people's leisure time to contact friends and family for gatherings and social events.
Myspace is a great place to be anonymous yet make tons of friends and have fun!
by wwwgownsshopcom November 24, 2007
The number one most visited search engine in the U.S.A. and beyond. It has all the information you desire and then some.
If you type something on google.com and no links show up, either what you typed doesn't exist or you need to stop drinking and smoking.
by wwwgownsshopcom November 24, 2007

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