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Someone who acts like a nut case or crack head.
Leave me alone, you insane crack ass!
by Meegz December 21, 2003
The unconfortable feeling that one gets after not wiping ones bum properly. It is usually exagerated if the downstairs area then gets sweaty from walking or exercise.
"Man! Walking up this hill has given me a bad case of crack ass"
by sefff September 03, 2008
1.One who is a complete moron, and idiot, a dumbass, or a bafoon. Practices bafoonary, idiocy.
2. Movie starring "pigeonkicker", a suburbs boy. "Crackass" portrays theemptiness of suburban life while still managing to run into stuff with shopping carts.
1. Your transvestite uncle Tammy is a complete crackass.

2. Me and the guys are going to see "Crackass" this weekend.
by tim s. December 16, 2004
An ass-cracker, someone who fucks asses.
An American whiteboy.
Shut the fuck up, Crackass.
by Nacho April 19, 2003
Low-grade, sub par. Not meeting minimum standards of acceptability.
Merchandise in Canada is totally crackass
by themankster February 02, 2007
Verb -to haul ass
Adjective- another term for "fuck"

Noun- a crack head
That concert was crack ass!

You crack ass!

I need to crack ass on homework.
by Seventeenthedition January 15, 2015
When something is as difficult as possible, when something never works properly.
I tried dealing with my crack ass computer again today.
by Mah-ree November 10, 2005
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