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clump of golden corn in your shit
yesterday i shit a ass nugget and it hurt coming out
by yetti March 21, 2003
The act of giving/getting the shaft while one or the other our both parties are using the toilet or the floor or just pooping wherever their fucking
"I want to fuck you so bad but I got to take a shit." Jane says holding her asshole. "Well why don't I join you and we can have toilet sex and you can shit on my balls!" John replied joyfully.
by Yetti June 17, 2006
to fart with wet and messy intentions,to shit myself profusely.
my coworker mike ate some fast food he got soup ass from the grease
by yetti March 25, 2003
a variety of canned foods,including,all the chef boy r d products,spam,treet,vienna sausages,potted meat,ham spread etc.
we have all seen the canned ass at the grocery store and we thought no one eats it. we ate canned ass for lunch because we are locked in that fuckin building all night.
by yetti April 07, 2003
to masterbate without guilt
josh tabaka rubbed off at home over the new manager at work.
by yetti March 21, 2003
to never have any cash when you are outwith friends,to reach in your pockets and only pull out lint,to spend your paychecks three weeks in advance,just to be a sorry bastard.
after higgens pays all of his DUI fees he will be chipping it.(no wheels,no action bahahahahaha!!!!!!!)
by yetti April 02, 2003
to shit violently,to shoot ass all over the seat and the bowl,to blow ass,to shit with sounds of pain.
I cracked ass last night at work!
by yetti March 21, 2003

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