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3 definitions by sefff

The unconfortable feeling that one gets after not wiping ones bum properly. It is usually exagerated if the downstairs area then gets sweaty from walking or exercise.
"Man! Walking up this hill has given me a bad case of crack ass"
by sefff September 03, 2008
An ailment that occurs when you are too stoned/lazy to get up from a laying or sitting position.
-"Seth - pass me them skins"

-"Cant mate - I've got Vertigo Back"
by Sefff September 02, 2008
The feeling of numbness in the buttocks that one gets after sitting on a hard/cold surface for too long.
I've got to get up and walk about about a bit. I've got a bad case of slab ass.
by sefff September 03, 2008