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A small-sized hatchback style car offered from GM and also badged under the Opel and Vauxhall brands. A wide range of engines are available, from an entry-level 1.0l 3cyl. to the range topping 1.8 4cyl. Also available with a diesel engine. The car is currently in its third generation (corsa type-c). A popular, practical but somewhat basic small car ideal for learners and beginners, also becoming popular with car modifiers for its cheap insurance and reliable engines.
The Corsa makes driving affordable and fun.
by markustheoffcentred January 02, 2006
A car wannabe vehicle with the size of a microbe. Usually driven by mentally masochistic people. It breaks down at least once a week and it's mission impossible to find the problem and fix it. Most of the time people buy it just for the challenge the rest of it they do it due to lack of other options.
I started my Corsa and it's door fell off.
by A Hat Full Of Sky March 28, 2011
Extremely poor car made by Vauxhall (GM). Slightly modified Nova. Very slow, no style, often seen in Tamworth being driven by scallies wearing a hi-vis.
Whos that twat in the Corsa?
by oracle February 05, 2004
A small car produced by the general motors group.its small engine makes it very economical to run and due to its compact size and very cheap insurance makes it is ideal for old people and people with below average driving skills /IQ. If Childeren were allowed to drive this would be the car for them (its the tricycle of the car world)
"When I grow up, I'm going to get a job in McDonalds and save up for three months to buy a vauxhall corsa"
by neil brown September 24, 2006
Very small car that is usually driven by people with no self respect around the world.

In England they are Vauxhall Corsas, in Continetal Europe the are Opel Corsas and in the Americas they are Chevrolet Corsas. One thing remains constant, they are crap slow skateboard sized cars.
I rented a Corsa SXi, I tried driving it and I think they forgot to put an engine in it.
by GuyWhoLikesGoodCars May 13, 2004
A Vauxhall nova with a bigger back. POS. The opel counterpart to the Nova was called Corsa too, so there really is no difference except for the shape and engines starting at 0.1 litre bigger. Terrible car.
I wish to destroy a car, let's go smash a corsa.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 01, 2004
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