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Very small car that is usually driven by people with no self respect around the world.

In England they are Vauxhall Corsas, in Continetal Europe the are Opel Corsas and in the Americas they are Chevrolet Corsas. One thing remains constant, they are crap slow skateboard sized cars.
I rented a Corsa SXi, I tried driving it and I think they forgot to put an engine in it.
by GuyWhoLikesGoodCars May 13, 2004
Very small French car that is usually driven by townies in England. They have terrible electrics, are very slow, lean a lot in corners and can barely outrun a Transit van. Yet the owners will try and race every other car on the road.
Does that kid in the Saxo really think I can be bothered to race him in my Porsche?

I don't care that your Saxo is quicker than a Mustang Cobra, it is STILL a little piece of shit!!!

*crunch* Oooops, I think I squashed another Saxo.
by GuyWhoLikesGoodCars May 13, 2004
A poorly made Jeep clone that thanks to bad design and electrolysis starts rusting away from the time the panels are together to the frame.
The bright person who thought of bolting aluminum panels to a steel frame should be shot.
by GuyWhoLikesGoodCars May 11, 2004
Older Range Rovers are poorly made and unreliable British SUV that are usually powered by an old Buick V8 that got phased out in 1963 and latter on sold to Rover. Newer Range Rovers are nothing more than American SUVs only a lot more expensive and far more embarrassing to be seen in. Basically they are cars for suckers who are willing to pay way over the odds for a hunk of junk.
Range Rovers are a poor Jeep clone.
by GuyWhoLikesGoodCars May 11, 2004

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