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1. A breed of pig.

2. A town near Birmingham where I happen to live! It is the chav capital of England but also happens to have quite a large goth community as well. Very few people in Tamworth are conservative in their views so the majority of teenagers in Tamworth belong to these two groups.
1. That is a fine Tamworth specimen!
2. I live in's kinda crap...I'd much rather shop in Birmingham
by Captainette January 16, 2006
Town, pop 80,000, 10 miles NE of Birmingham (Brum). Shithole, full of people on the dole. Home to burning cars, 1960's architecture and gatso speed cameras. See also: Vauxhall nova, scally.
Tamworth's full of fucking scallies driving in Novas.
by oracle February 05, 2004
A town in New South Wales, where fat Australians go to listen to country music and sleep in their own vomit.
I'd rather shot myself than go to Tamworth.
by Manic Holz January 18, 2011
well this is CHAV CAPITAL of the world. Crime............. in this shit hole you've never seen more of it. the town centre is over run by little TN wannabes who look at their parents who are on the dole for inspiration.
An old mate of mine liam lakin. in a word DICKHEAD. trust me never come and visit or live here because you probably won't leave alive or you'll be a few bob short!
by Chav hater April 18, 2005
The Country Musical Capital of Australia; located in the north-west region of New South Wales.
Person 1: Hey, where do you live?
Person 2: Guess. We have a big golden guitar. Goody.
Person: Oh, you mean Tamworth! That place is fo-shizzle!

by Taylah M June 23, 2007
Tamworth is Chav Capital of the Midlands... Hometown to some of the best sticky icky in the country... Vauxhall Novas are last season, this year its Nissan Sunnys... Its also the home to the computer shops where the owners are all dirty perverts who watch porn wast trying to sell you a pc
"Tamworths a fucking shit hole"
by Sach April 13, 2005
Tamworth is a small town in STAFFORDSHIRE,NOT WEST MIDLANDS.
Its a lovely place to live. Admitedly its full of CHAV's but its still nice. Some people think that we're all inbreads and have 6 toes and 7 fingers, but actually we're not.
Tamworth is AWSOME!! In the words of a very wise person - we'd rather be Tammies than scummie brummies
by Kia M May 29, 2008

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