Man gives a woman anul, than the woman takes a shit on the mans penis. The man pulls out with the shit still on his penis which makes it look like a corn dog. Than the woman eats it.
"Man I gave my girl a corn dog last night"
by You know me1234 March 12, 2014
when a male is giving a female anal and while his penis is all up in there she relieves her boules wrapping the males penis in feces thus making a corn dog
bill baumgartner and cassie jorstad made a corn dog
by bill berdizman March 26, 2013
A word used to describe a particularly fun or awesome situation.
Guy 1: What did you do last night?

Guy 2: I went to a party!
Guy 1: How was it?
Guy 2: That shit was corndog!
by Moist Rocket October 18, 2009
When a male is born and no one circumsizes him. It looks as if your weiner is always hiding.
Wow Isaiah you have a corndog.... ewwwwww
by lowrida9188 September 26, 2009
usually used as a nickname to describe someone who in other words is a complete sex crazed weirdo who gets off on anything that has little or no sex appeal.
Friend: ooooooooh yeah that girl just looked at me.She's totally a slut.

Me: Dude what the fuck are talking about corndog;that girl is like those she males!

(note when conversation is going on corndog's boner is sticking out which makes it more awkward for him and you.)
by Roual Duke December 07, 2008
When you analy penetrate a girl and she proceeds to get off the penis and engage in oral stimulation of said penis
Wow, im balls deep in Amanda's pooper, then she starts giving me a corndog, it was sweet.
by Ape Shi'ite Muslim May 19, 2007
When your partner goes to the kitchen and gets 3-4 pieces of bread. Then they begin chewing up the bread so it gets nice and moist in their mouth, absorbing all the saliva. After all the bread is nice and moist in one lump sum, your partner proceeds to preform oral sex on you wrapping all the bread around your dick. After you are finished they will leave all the bread on your dick, thus giving it the appearance of a Corndog.
Guy1: "Holy shit man, Jennifer gave me a corndog last night. Hottest thing ever."
Guy2: "Wow, I'm jealous."
by Slap-Happy Mike April 27, 2009

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