(N) A dab of concentrated hash oil coated in cocaine.
(V) To inhale a cocaine coated dab.
"Yo dawg, you wanna dab a corndog?"
"Yo dawg, let's corndog!"
by Bluntman1320 November 24, 2014
When someone tends to ruin the moment or says something extremely stupid and you hit them on the bag of their head
You're with your boyfriend and you tell him "You smell so good!" He says, "I just farted babe."
Then he deserves a corndog.
by AlrightWey February 01, 2010
A time when you're naked and wrapped in nothing except a cover.
Bro ever night before bed I get corn dogged up.

Man I corn dog every where I go

I wish I could just sit back and corn dog
by Lucky Dude December 14, 2013
Sometimes called "Goosing". To poke someone in the bum hole, no penetration required. This is done on the outside of the clothing. Usually done with a broom stick. The intention is not to draw blood, but rather to make someone jump. Could be considered sexual harassment.
Two brothers are putting up a tent. Brother one drops a tent peg, and bends at the waist to pick it up. Brother two pokes brother one in the bum using he butt of his hammer. This act is a corn dog. No one is hurt. Both laugh. In the future, brother one looks behind him before bending over.
by gobyu2010 February 10, 2012
An Alabama-hating LSU fan who has the distinct smell of a batter-covered hot dog on a stick, which also smells like Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge. He has only two types of jackets, one that's purple and gold and the other that's camoflauge. He's so obsessed with Nick Saban that he can't appreciate the successes of any other LSU coach. He is also known to butcher the pronounciation of words, like saying Arkansas as ARE-kansas.
Stooping to levels below that of a boogereater the corndog spit bourbon in the face of the wife of an Alabama coach.
by Twelve-And-Counting February 15, 2008
someone who is ADDICTED to cornyness 24/7; see corny

aka jonathan mayer shapiro
oh my gosh, like steve is like the cutest boy i've ever met. he like always plans like the sweetest stuff for us to do and he like always buys be flowers and chocolates and like teddy bears, he is like SUCH a corndog
by bologna headed roach March 28, 2009
The sexual act of anal penetration, (Male or Female) and when in the process of pulling out, there is left over corn pulled from the anus and stuck onto the penis.
Cody and Skylar Were having passionate anal sex, after getting frustrated Cody had Donkey Punched Skylar. Pulled out and had left over corn stuck all over his penis. "Nice corndog!" exclaimed Skylar.
by Codylovesman April 06, 2011
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