a super corny dorky person that it's literall.
"Dude. you are such a corndog!"
by chelsi hitchings. November 15, 2006
when you have sex with someone at the beach then get some sand on your dong but keep going.
Corndogging hurts man!
by tw December 23, 2004
A weiner used to drill for corn.
My boyfriend and I got really horny. He pulled down his sweatpants and bent over as I whipped out my corndog.
by Peter Fuller January 01, 2007
A corndog is when you take your cock and shove it in a girls ass after she has diahrea, then let it hardened around your cock (1-2 hrs approx), then you fuck the girl with it.
She let me corndog, after hours of begging. What else would I do with my poop hardened cock? She shit all over it.
by corndoggy November 08, 2005
A friend, homie, or homeskillet
Whazzup my corndog
by the chort May 31, 2003
n. an obnoxious tourist, a real wiener
A couple of corndogs strapped with cameras, strollers, and brochures just stopped and asked me for directions to the Cracker Barrel.
by DonGlongerhaus June 21, 2005
A penis covered in fecal matter. Yes, it is far too disgusting to fathom.
My boyfriend and I enjoy snacking on corndogs, if you know what I mean.
by corndog March 25, 2003

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