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n. an obnoxious tourist, a real wiener
A couple of corndogs strapped with cameras, strollers, and brochures just stopped and asked me for directions to the Cracker Barrel.
by DonGlongerhaus June 21, 2005
9 22
A friend, homie, or homeskillet
Whazzup my corndog
by the chort May 31, 2003
13 26
A penis covered in fecal matter. Yes, it is far too disgusting to fathom.
My boyfriend and I enjoy snacking on corndogs, if you know what I mean.
by corndog March 25, 2003
39 52
When a dude shits in his hand and uses the shit like lubricant to jack off. This can also be done by chicks when they shit in their hand and use to give a hand job.
"Dude, my bitch gave me a corn dog last night, i still aint got the smell off.
by Yo Mama Eats Cock August 22, 2011
24 38
a super corny dorky person that it's literall.
"Dude. you are such a corndog!"
by chelsi hitchings. November 15, 2006
9 23
It's what you call your friend while you jam your thumb in their butt. They become a hot dog on a stick.
Doug: Corndog!
Jan: Ow! You ass..
by Nate February 05, 2004
15 31
Something really cheesy or corny.
That was so corndog!
by Keri Myslinski August 05, 2006
36 53