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suffix added to a bunch of musical genres supposedly branching off of 80s hardcore punk. Some of these genres are more mainstream and more watered down than others. However, in the latter years, even the true DIY genres are being polluted by a huge influx of scenesters and other types of upstuck little high school cliques who think punk is "hip." Now everybody wants to listen to the unpopular bands cause being unpopular is cool. Angsty clueless trendy teens have used the shit out of "core"
"2 years ago, nobody knew who the fuck Charles Bronson were. Now they're the "in" thing, just like converse chuck taylors"

"Screamo, metalcore, and all those lame ass genres scenesters revere and call "hardcore" are nothing but whiny crappy hot topic commercial bullshit"

"Holy shit! When will we invent something new these trendy-ass bastards won't know about?"

by yourmomspenis March 06, 2007
1 2
center of the god damn earth you dumb fucks
the core of the earth
by RnR August 16, 2003
685 253
A suffix added to words to make them sound cooler. Usually derived from the latter half of "hardcore". Music artists use this when they have nothing better to call the drivel they put out for the RIAA.
Since Fred coudln't decide what sucked more, him or his music, he figured he would stick to doing rap-core.
by A concerned Limp fan August 22, 2003
270 91
core is used by most of the scene crowd. It is added to the end of certain words to make them that much more scene.

ChristmasXcore would be worth more scene points than christmas

This can be also used a singular word to sum something up as bein bare cool
Dude, how core was it when you raped my family?
by Camisado December 30, 2005
122 54
standing for 'hardcore', added to the end of various prefixes.
Emocore, fashioncore, metalcore, thugcore
by Drusilla August 16, 2003
109 71
1. The center of the earth
2. The first Stone Temple Pilots album
3. A really crappy movie
1. It's really hot in the core
2. Wicked Garden is a good song off Core
3. The Core is one shitty piece of cinematography.
by Rastablowtorch September 20, 2005
78 52
Add to any genre of music to make it sound cooler, or in emo's case, slightly less whiney.
Dan: Have you heard that new band? they're so emo-core...
Max: emo-what?
Dan: emo-core!
Max: You are fuckin retarded. you dont need to add core to the end of every fuckin word.
Dan: Shut up-core!
by Anti November 30, 2004
40 17
The most overused, overrated suffix of all time.
There's actually a queercore!! FUCKING QUEERCORE!!!
by TallicaD00d January 15, 2005
41 19