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The older harder version of emo. Emocore was what emo was called in the mid '80s when it was first started. Rites Of Spring was the first emocore band, but not many people knew about them. One of the members of Rites Of Spring joined Fugazi when it first started. Ian Mackaye, who was also the inventor of Straight Edge, wanted to copy ROS's style, but make it more like hardcore so that more people agreed with it. After them came Jawbreaker, who widened emocore's by going more into modern and indie rock. Sunny Day Real Estate, who came out at around the same time as Jawbreaker, did the same.
Emocore bands are: Alexisonfire, Underoath, Saosin, A Static Lullaby, The Bled, Dead Poetic, From Autumn To Ashes, Engine Down, Thursday, Finch, Dismissed, Matchbook Romance, Earth Crisis, Snapcase and Boysetsfire.
by Freak Face May 04, 2005
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A typr of music that is Emo/Screamo/Hardcore
May Falls Through otherwise known as MFT.
by April 10, 2005
the breaking point from where emo becomes so emotional that listening to it is like throwing your soul in an emotional wood chipper, once you hear it you will never feel happiness again.
i here rudie killed himself after hearing that emo core ballad.
by Paco April 03, 2005
An increadible music genre started by a punk rock band from the 1980s called Rites of Spring. It was punk rock mixed with emotional lyrics. It is no longer around because it has been replaced with "emo" shit that we now see on MTV and MySpace.
Rites of Spring created emocore.
by (l0ser) DefectiveProduct July 01, 2006
Emocore is a useless word. Please, listen in.

Emo stands for emotional hardcore. Anyone who denies that obviously have no facts. Rites of Spring started emo, and it was bastardized by the media when Get Up Kids went big and changed to powerpop. Thus, emocore is proving nothing.

Often times, emocore is placed on Thursday and A Static Lullaby along with the label screamo. Screamo is actually a style of music started by bands like Orchid and perfected by bands like Fueral Diner and Joshua Fit For Battle. Anyways, both bands have constantly explained how they are NOT emocore and dislike this label. Especially ASL, they will yell at their crowd about it.

Please, correct yourselves.
Emocore does not exist.
by Jaden Mathos November 01, 2005
A made up music genre. By the media to describe melodic hardcore punk bands,that wrote personel and sad lyrics or song in a whiny style of voice. And of course everybody likes to say that the beginning of emocore started with rites of spring. They actually just are a bad sounding post-hardcore band. In the mid 80s they wrote more mellodic songs with personel lyrics. When they played shows some of crowd thought that the songs were so sad that they cried like they were the beatles. These people were called emo. In the 90s the band jawbreaker wrote a sad little song about getting drunk instead of kissing a girl. And got called emo. Sunny day real estate though may be the only emo band because of their sound but only for one song seven. Then the media made it out like to be emo write a song like jawbreaker and sound like sdre. Sunny day real estate is mainly a band that mixes grunge and hardcore. They did one whiny record and that was it. There is no band that comes out saying that there emo. But the only band I know that sounds simuler are to sdre is taking back sunday. But there not emo either.
Sunny day real estates song seven is the only true emocore song. btw people that say the cure is emo,probably has down syndrone
by sage thunder April 14, 2010
Allegedly, an overlap of 'emo' and 'hardcore' that predates what is known today as emo.

Considering it's constituents, presumably this means cutting oneself with a chainsaw instead of a razor.
An emo kid's self mutilation weapons of choice are razors, broken glass, and broken My Chemical Romance CD's.

When one is emocore, these are exchanged for chainsaws, running circular saws, and metalworking equipment
by thousandinone August 22, 2009
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