A suffix used to denote punk influences in a musical genre (or more of a punk influence if there is already a punk influence present)
Ska-core, Metal-core, Goth-core, etc.
by Hanii Puppy July 10, 2008
(Shit). It is something to add to a music style that will be a guarantee the music is (horrendous) shit.
Usually has melodic guitars like U2 but will in addition have some 21-year-old college-drop-out, I-scream-out-of-key-to-be-cool, frontman... The singer will then proceed to sing very (emo) and confuse the audience with giving them a sound that makes them think "not bad, its actually pretty good now," and then he will then proceed to scream again out of key, and make everyone in the audience wish they never experimented with "Core" style music.
by BigHotScaryGermans September 09, 2005
The middle of a pimple, the hard part that is surrounded by pus or other liquidy material.
I squeezed out the pus but I didn't get the core, so I know the pimple will come back.
by Heptune May 11, 2005
The real deal in warez. The actual program itself. No bs, no crap just
real core of the application.

DVD-screeners of movies, not the theatre cam crap.
I'd like the core version of Macromedia MX 2004.

This is the core version of
by Hybrdz February 06, 2004
1. The very middle of an object
2. Essential
3. Middle of a nuclear reactor
1. "Throw away the core of the apple"
2. "It's core that we finish this before tonight"
3. "The core's gonna blow!"
by Anonymous August 20, 2003
the centre, the heart of the matter, your heart, the place where its at, the essence
the hardcore scene
by nothin August 19, 2003
the inside of something the very middle
the core of the earth is 1000000000 degrees
by crapman August 16, 2003

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