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11 definitions by TallicaD00d

complete and utter gods of rock.
Best songs (in my opinion) are Black Dog and The Battle Of Evermore.
by TallicaD00d August 22, 2004
Bassist for Iron Maiden, he created such metal epics as "The Number of the Beast" and "The Clansman". May I also mention that he kicks fucking ass?
Fuckin' GOD of the bass guitar.
by TallicaD00d October 26, 2004
Hilariously awesome show featuring either Clive Anderson (British version) or Drew Carey (US version). Both have their own unique charm, however I much prefer the US version myself. Colin and Ryan are the best preformers in my opinion, however Wayne Brady is the best at making up songs on the spot. Definitely worth checking out if you haven't seen it before.
Turn on the T.V. man, Whose Line is on!
by TallicaD00d October 20, 2004
Fucking madman who will rip your ear drums apart like he does with his drums. Kicks major amounts of ass.
Drummer for Iron Maiden. \m/
by TallicaD00d October 26, 2004
Fucking kick ass metal band. Noteworthy songs include: 22 Acacia Avenue, Aces High, Powerslave, Hallowed Be Thy Name, The Number Of The Beast, and Run To The Hills.
Papa Roach suck ass for stealing Iron Maiden's riffs. God, whatever happened to a thing called originality?
by TallicaD00d June 12, 2004
Dr. Zoidberg loves this guy.
"Gumberculies? I love that guy!"
by TallicaD00d December 09, 2004
The most overused, overrated suffix of all time.
There's actually a queercore!! FUCKING QUEERCORE!!!
by TallicaD00d January 15, 2005