short for copy. get something that looks cool
im gone hafta cop dem air force ones
by Anonymous March 18, 2003
constable of the peace (cop)
My husband is training to be a cop.
by saandman October 11, 2009
to cop on someone = to tell on them,, snitch
dude #1 -- whos that..?
dude #2 -- thats the bitch that fucking copped on youu!!
by **sam** January 29, 2008
The act of taking or barrowing forever.
Can I cop that John?

Sure, you can cop this.

Yo, cop me one of those Johns.
by Joe's December 17, 2004
To obtain illegal drugs.
I just copped. Let's get fucked up.
by yobkcis June 25, 2004
to recieve
i cop mad skull from your mother
by suuut April 28, 2003
To do without drawing too much attention to yourself.
I copped a feel of her tittie!
by dfkljds April 28, 2003
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