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constable of the peace (cop)
My husband is training to be a cop.
by saandman October 11, 2009
to cop on someone = to tell on them,, snitch
dude #1 -- whos that..?
dude #2 -- thats the bitch that fucking copped on youu!!
by **sam** January 29, 2008
Someone whos making your life more difficult or ruins a moment by acting in a blatantly and obnoxious law-abiding manner.
When you're trying to get downtown and the asshole in front of you is going 20mph when he should be doing 30.

"can you believe this guy? what a fuckin cop"
by Jamie Viva May 22, 2006
1) bullies with attitude that think they're tough cause they have guns and walkie talkie
2) bald, fat, ugly pigs that get their sallary from people that earn their money and yet take hapiness, respect, and freedom from people regardless of the law
3) racist biggots that dont deserve everything they get
gangstaz: that cops on patrol, lets ambush him, ill shoot out his tires, you open fire through his windshild
by criccet October 06, 2005
Someone that you can talk out of giving you a speeding ticket if you offer them a box of doughnuts.
I was speeding 15 miles over the limit down Taylor Road, and after getting pulled over by a cop, I told him I worked at Krispy Kreme doughnuts and he let me go for three free doughnuts.
by raspberry (lust) muffin May 04, 2005
The act of taking or barrowing forever.
Can I cop that John?

Sure, you can cop this.

Yo, cop me one of those Johns.
by Joe's December 17, 2004
A government-funded gangbanging thug.
Listen to Ill Bill - How To Kill A Cop to get what I'm saying.
by Omega Death November 18, 2003