1) bullies with attitude that think they're tough cause they have guns and walkie talkie
2) bald, fat, ugly pigs that get their sallary from people that earn their money and yet take hapiness, respect, and freedom from people regardless of the law
3) racist biggots that dont deserve everything they get
gangstaz: that cops on patrol, lets ambush him, ill shoot out his tires, you open fire through his windshild
by criccet October 06, 2005
people that are trying to make a living like everyone else. When they do their job, idiots blame them for the stupid shit they were doing to begin with.
If you don't want to get caught by the cops, then don't do stupid shit so much.
by Adrian January 08, 2005
a term that derived from england; short for "constible on patrol"; for those who dont know, a constible is the term for a police officer in england
Watch out for cops while i drink this illegal tea! Cause Im English...and englist people suck..and they just drink tea and lick nipples all day...men nipples...with hair...lawrence van tassel does this as much as possible...him being english and all....fuckin brit bastard
by ~blizzy~ August 16, 2003
A Correctional Officer.
That cop in the guard tower is a good shot.
by Prison cop. August 05, 2003
A government-funded gangbanging thug.
Listen to Ill Bill - How To Kill A Cop to get what I'm saying.
by Omega Death November 18, 2003
to buy or steal something
in the words of missy elliott and timbaland "go up in the record store and cop that shit"
by tink August 13, 2003
The men and women who try to find out who shot your baby's daddy or momma while theys pipmin on dah row. Too, they come into yo crib to pull off your momma's boyfriend when he be bitch slappin tha ho.
Yo them cops dun foun the beeatch that shot my babie's daddy- Damn I miss that crack money yo.
by PopEyePimpin April 21, 2003

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