The coop is the male version of the cooch. In other words a penis and balls
Professor Zane has a big coop. I know from experience.
by Zane Griffin November 21, 2007
a store in Canada where many sports moms and old people go to wash or fill up their car and get groceries.
child- hey mom what do you do when im at football practice?
mom- why i go to the Co-op of course
by humpaloo March 04, 2006
1. n. abbreviated form of 'cooperative.' used to describe the 'cooperatve play' mode of a video game.
pronounced 'coop' or 'co-op'
alternatively spelled 'co-op'

2. n. abbreviation of anything that begins with 'coop,' such as last names, eg, Cooper.

3. n. The MIT Bookstore, "the coop"
1. hey man, you want to play some coop quake II?

2. that dude's name is Cooper, but I call him 'coop' in an effort to sound cooler.

3. i just paid an arm and a fucking leg for this book from the coop. fuck the coop.
by John Crichton January 11, 2004
stands for "cock out of place" Self explanatory, used when you need to make an "adjustment" in your pants
- dude, why are you scratching yourself so much?

- i cant help it man, i got the coop over here
by Myspace Joe April 23, 2006
A combination of the words: crap and poop used when you are trying to tell somebody that you do not feel well. Coop is used when you are not bullshitting for the purpose of a) not going to school b) ditching the clingy girlfriend or c) any other circumstance where you might try to convey a false sense of illness. Coop is used when you feel so shitty that you cannot decide on whether you want to say that you feel like “crap” the more gentle “poop” and end up slurring the words together, into coop.
Dude#1: Yo man, wanna hit up the mall later??

Dude#2:....dude....i dont feel to hot...feel

Dude#1: o man, sorry, you must really feel shitty, u cant even get your words strate!
by Yo Mamma1 August 30, 2006
when you get a stinky ass fart and you cup it in your hand and throw it in someone's face.
I just cooped Millers mom.
by Raymond Johnson May 19, 2005
white, pasty, invisible, gay
dude you are soooo cooop its rediculous. that kids skin is too coop for me
by un understandable November 27, 2006
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