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Jeniffer is the nicest girl you'll probably ever meet. She is down to earth and gets along with just about anybody she encounters. She has a funny laugh that is contagious, and you just can't help but smile when she walks into the room and says hi. Jeniffer will usually have big beautiful eyes that you could get lost in. Jeniffer is a nerdy girl with a wild side and she is up to trying almost anything. She is definitely a person you'll never forget, her beauty is captavating, she speaks her mind, and is far from stupid, she'll put a good argument. She may have her blond moments, but it's all good because they always make you laugh. Once you encounter a Jeniffer, grab her and make her yours, she definitely won't be one of your regrets, and they are so limited.
That girl that just walked in definitely reminds me of a Jeniffer, i'd better go get her number before someone else does.
by ghostface967 December 10, 2010
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The name for the cutest, most amazing girl in the world. She loves eating vegetables and fruits, and decides to be "part-time vegetarian." She gets mad when people call her pretty, but her boyfriend doesn't care because he thinks she's beautiful. She spends more time helping others doing community service, than she helps herself. Her boyfriend like its that she gets cold easily because it gives him an excuse to hug her.
Happy eighth month, Jeniffer!
by paul rock cho December 18, 2008
A misspelled "Jennifer." Often times Asian parents misspell "Jennifer," and think it is spelled, "Jeniffer." A most unique way to spell it. Also means beautiful beyond comprehension, and having a great personality.
Jeniffer has a boyfriend named Paul.
by paul rock star trooper cho July 11, 2008

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