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One of those great friends that is always there for you. A wonderful person, with interesting opinions, and a joy to talk to. JC is a very independent thinker, and has a strong mind. He is destined for greatness.
Look at that JC over there! Super hot, and obviously pretty smart.
by MeganFox23 September 15, 2009
Legendary Mexican Hero and Musician.
People in Mexico say have super powers (exist some pictures take it with cell phones), the urban myth say he's real.
Live in Mexico City. Work with UNICEF, OXFAM and some others in all the world.
Never have pressence in the TV because he never answer any quest. Make his work and go.
Almost 5 persons know about him in all countries of the world, include U.S.A.
The urban myth say he is the founder and director of Interfriends structure in all the world.
In Mexico know about him for urban myth. Some people was rescued for him, tell he is powerful and different to all humans. We don't know "How than different" in what form.
He's form to work is different to all musicians.
He's hero work are different to all we know.
But the real thing is he exist. And is real, don't know if have or haven't powers but make his work.
Exist information about him at 24 years ago. On some sites in the internet.
If you search on google: "Interfriends" you will see Interfriends links sites in all languages. And JC sites too. Where you can download music for help the UNICEF causes. Help kids with AIDS, Cancer and violence victims too.
Exist information MSN site with pics, interviews and people give opinion too.
by K_Online February 08, 2010
Abbreviation for either of the following:
Just Chilling
Jesus Christ
Jersey City
Mannn, what's up???
NM, JC. You?

I'm down with JC, he's my homeboy, ya heard? I'm goin to heaven fo' sho. Cuz I go to church errday. Shiet...

Ayo, where you from?
I'm from JC 201 REPRESENT!
by Therese B. March 16, 2006
"just creepin;" used to describe sketchy behaviors, people, or situations; a creepy person who is "just chillin"
Emma: Why were you looking at my FB profile last night at 3 AM?

Kenji: Uhh...I don't know. Bored?

Claire: Jc, jc.
by Ring my BELL... July 05, 2009
A term commonly used for when a person is to kill a joke or say something incredibly stupid. Being "JC'ed" causes complete embarrassment to yourself and the people around you. Always remember to think before you say something dumb as fuck.
*Scrolling through your friends texts*

You read..."Niggerpoop!"

Look at them and firmly say "...JC"
by Drizzy Drake Hender August 09, 2010
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