A person who hates cats that think they are enemies and not friends
Man 1: ''Why did you hate cats, dude''

Man 2: ''I'm a hater''

Man 1: ''You're a coop, dammit''

Man: ''I'm a coop''
by Delansburg August 19, 2011
Acting in a socially awkward manner, often disturbing to those surrounding
Wow.. You're bit of a 'Coops' aren't you :/
by Seinfold March 20, 2011
1.) A stunning young man with red facial hair
2.) A pale, ghost-like, person
3.) A bitch for real
4.) A sucker of long hard objects
5.) A weak shit
1.) "yeah that kid i was supposed to fight never showed up." "What a coop".

2.) "Look at that skinhead with the beard", " haha yeah thats a coop alright"

3.) "man i havent tanned in forever." "yeah dude youre lookin like a coop"

4.) " man i met this girl last night " "she suck you up?" " yeah she was a coop for real"

5.) " you cant lift that? youre such a coop"

Cory Cooper
by AlRgTbIdE FdIbEvLfDhS January 21, 2011
Slang for crazy and stupid.
That girl is so coops that she has to spray her nose to keep from going to the bathroom.
by Melanie June 19, 2006
coop- sweet

coopdyville- to become one with the coolness
that blow job was coop

i was in coopdyville
by mattchew June 18, 2003
Coop - To be cool and so cool that you just die cos ur sooo cool :O
Coop wow i just said Coop
by Coop June 09, 2003
a dirty peado that calls girls using the words 'hunni' and 'babe' in a slimey tone. he looks like a potatoe, but somehow can get a g/f =S.. this is one of lifes mysteries. He likes to talk about the size of his tool/monster/dong .. (he has a wide variety of words).. but his favourite hobby is asking ladies the size of their boobs.
eww don't touch me you dirty coop

no i downt want to know how big your 'monster' is you slimey coop
by baz__x March 24, 2008

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