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The word coop is used as a shorter way to describe the 'Co-op' shops.
"Shall we go to the 'coop' and get some jellyed eels"
by Jean Piere Lafee July 01, 2004
4 33
someone who is fat, stupid and/or drool on himself.
Teahcer: Hey coop, WAKE UP!
Student: **In a daze and drooling**
Student: i want to ride a green pony *in retard voice*
Teacher: What the fuck coop
by WWT SKATER July 24, 2006
4 36
a fun way to play the greatest game on earth, Halo. other examples include split-screen, single player, and x-box live
dude, lets do co-op (ladedadeda filler for the 20 letter limit)
by scott December 01, 2004
7 46