“Some of the characteristics you see in psychopaths are lying, manipulation, the ability to deceive, feelings of grandiosity and callousness toward their victims,”
Your pullin a coop. Stop being such a bull, your actin like coop. Coop's drawlin again.
by MickeyPoulouskin April 06, 2009
What Summer Roberts called Marissa Cooper on The O.C.

Summer was only allowed to do this, when Alex tried to, she reprimanded him for it.
Summer : Coop, I've been looking for you!
Marissa: Sorry Sum, what's up?
by OCLOVER February 18, 2009
unfaithful man, believes he can do what he wants with whom ever he chooses! typical 'married for the kids sake' situation!
usually found in his local watering hole with a bottle of becks in one hand and his phone in the other! ready to take ur number, or to answer to the nagging mrs!
BEWARE - you'll sucked in before u can run! a real heartbreaker!
watch him - hes a real COOPS
by househelp July 22, 2008
Committing a party foul, like spilling beer on a new couch or burring a hole with a cigarette in same. To coop (Verb). Or that dude is a real coop (Noun).
Bill cooped. Dude, don’t be such a coop! Party foul, Dave pulled a coop in the bathroom! Coopage...
by Bob F Dowd July 17, 2008
To assure everyone that you'll definitely be somewhere, but to then not turn up, and with no explanation as to why.
"Looks like we've been Cooped again!"
by skirky October 05, 2007
the place in which you live, your home.
I'm going to pick you up at the coop around 7ish.
by Crazy Casey March 13, 2007
a beautiful young girl who is smart
I really want that girl shes so coops
by doug davis March 30, 2006
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