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Meaning to steal. Originates from african-americans being called "coons" rather than "niggers" or other more offensive slang. Many people considered african-americans to be thieves, hence the term.
Someone cooned my wallet!

My house got cooned last night.
getting stuff stolen like from the animals or the... cough trashpickers.
They fucking cooned all the shit out of my garage.
by pooteck May 21, 2003
After sex the male punches the female (or other male in a homosexual relation) in both eyes then throws them out with the garbage.

Two black eyes and with the trash like a raccoon.
I cooned the girl I took home from the bar last night.
by youcantseeme November 14, 2012
To take a persons backpack and dumb everything out of it. When you finish dumping the persons books, you flip the bag inside out, and place the books back into the backpack. After you place the books back in the bag, you zip the backpack back up. The bag is suppose to look kind of like a cocoon.
Student 1: OMG! Wtf just happened to my bag?

Student 2: What are you talking about?

Student 1: My bag is inside out...

Student 2: Dude, you just got cooned!
by FOBluver2000 November 24, 2009
A cooler way of saying pwned or owned. It pretty much means to be made to look stupid or humiliated.
*guy punches his friend in the face and knocked his coke*"You just got cooned!"
by user123456789 March 31, 2008
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