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A vigilante child dressed as a raccoon. It's Eric Cartman's secret identity. He is Professor Chaos's arch enemy and his rival is Mysterion
there is an animal that lives by night; Searches through trash cans and cleans out the garbage. to clean out the trash of society I've chosen to become more than a man; I am the hero this town needs; I am the Coon!
by coolman222 March 21, 2009
A Child Vigilante from South Park Dress in a dark cloak. He is (supposedly) Kenny McCormick's secret identity. His is the Rival of The Coon (Eric Cartman) and the enemy of Professor Chaos.
I am an angel Keeping Watch over the city at night; as violence and darkness take over the streets i work to rid the city of crime; I am the symbol this town needs
I am Mysterion
by coolman222 March 21, 2009

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