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3 definitions by foxtrot-echo-seven-zulu-niner

A euphamism for a woman's breasts. Originally used in place of the phrase "huge guns" since in WWII, Germany fired 88mm cannons, which were considered to be huge guns.
Whoa, check out the 88's on that bitch!
by Foxtrot-Echo-Seven-Zulu-Niner February 03, 2005
Phrase used to inconpicuously talk about a girl's breats, even if she (or her brother) are listening to you talk. Derived from cleavage. Works well since most people will think you are discussing the Cleveland Browns football team's offensive line.
Man, did you see cleveland's front line?

Clevelands front line is HUGE!

When clevelands front line walks into the room, it attracts alot of attention.
Meaning to steal. Originates from african-americans being called "coons" rather than "niggers" or other more offensive slang. Many people considered african-americans to be thieves, hence the term.
Someone cooned my wallet!

My house got cooned last night.