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A Child Vigilante from South Park Dress in a dark cloak. He is (supposedly) Kenny McCormick's secret identity. His is the Rival of The Coon (Eric Cartman) and the enemy of Professor Chaos.
I am an angel Keeping Watch over the city at night; as violence and darkness take over the streets i work to rid the city of crime; I am the symbol this town needs
I am Mysterion
by coolman222 March 21, 2009
Kennys alternate identity on South Park. Most people think it is clyde, but its not. Maybe next episode we will see because at the end of the episode, Mysterion went to jail.
godspeed mysterion! you're a beacon of hope in a bleak and dreary world
by bulldog8899 March 22, 2009
Kenny McCormick's secret identity as revealed on November 3rd 2010.
Mysterion tells forsight to shoot him in the head. Stan tells Kenny to chill out.
by rabbletabble November 03, 2010
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