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what stupid people like emma! eat, also found in yo momma's cookie jar
Who the hell ate my cookie? i bet it was EMMA!
by Skip John June 26, 2005
7 32
n. slang for marijuana
Do we have any cookies left?

I'm going over to so-and-so's place to get some cookies.
by Ace Cassidy November 13, 2004
2 27
the form of cocaine before it is made into crack "ROCKS"
"i slang cookies the size of my rims, 20 inch"
by NormaN BayteS March 16, 2003
137 162
the hottest mom in the Pembina County!
i want your body cookie....money!!
by Jordan Brown May 04, 2004
10 37
A sexual move involving a cookie.

The woman puts a cookie in her mouth whilst the guy slaps his erect penis across the woman's face. Eventually he cums and it goes all over the biscuit. Then the woman snaps the cookie in half and shoves one half up her wet pussy then pulls it out again and eats it. She repeats it with the other half and then the man uses it as a dildo for her pussy.
"Oh Jaime get the rest of the packet of cookies"
by Jibran Syeed August 13, 2006
11 43
A game played by at least two ass ninjas where you get in a circle and jerk off on a cookie. The last one to finish has to eat the cookie. Commonly recommended when there isn't shit going on and you and your buddies can't find anything to do. Although I don't know anyone who has actually ever played it, thank god.
Joe: "Hey what the fuck are we doing tonight?"

John: "I don't know, let's play cookie."

Jeff: "Fuck that man, your gay."
by dont god damn worry about it November 12, 2005
12 44
A yr 13 named james cook aka cookie often found in bed or on xbox loves beating up osbournes ( Sad individual who is often told to commit suicide to no avail)
Cookie man or cookie dude
by Yoda March 09, 2005
5 39